The Penthouse Roof Gardens are Glazed and Decking near completion

It’s been enormously frustrating waiting for the balcony glazing to be installed.  The Beast from the East snowstorms caused deliveries from the glass factory to be delayed and this has had a knock-on to the supply of glass to our development.

And until the glass is installed, we can’t drop the scaffolding because the installers require an external hand-rail.  And until the scaffolding is removed, we can’t install the window cills.

The knee-bone really is connected to the thighbone!

But, as you can see, we now have the special decking and glazing substantially installed, which will unlock the striking of most of the scaffolding before Easter this week.

Here we can see the glass installed in the special channel that is secured to the building’s steel frame.   When all the panes are installed a special cement will secure them in place with a silicone sealant connecting each pane together.

Here we see the special man-made decking material installed in each roof garden.

The balcony decking is constructed to the same level as the internal flooring affording a step-free access through bifold doors between the kitchen and decking.


The decking material is wood-effect planking but made from a synthetic rubberised material that is non-slip and will not rot to provide a high quality maintenance-free enduring finish so that purchasers can enjoy their terrace gardens as a true extension of their home.

Plastering the Ground Floor Offices

With the internal partitioning in the ground floor offices completed, the plasterers have got to work.

The tenant has requested an ‘exposed Shoreditch’ look so the structural steelwork will be exposed.  This picture shows the steelwork covered by the white intumescent paint [essential for fire protection] before it will be painted in colour chosen by the tenant.


Closing-up the building infrastructure

The pressurised hot water pipes are now being hidden behind plasterboard ceilings on each balcony as we start closing-up the fixed heating, electricity and communications infrastructure to each floor,

The complexity of the internal communications wiring is shown in this picture from the dry-riser room on the 3rd floor.   Here the combination of television, satellite, IT comms, phone comms, fire detection and central data cabling for CCTV and building security can be seen.


Finally the Boilers are Connected.

Our three super-high-capacity gas boilers have been installed and now the huge hot water balancing vessel is being moved into place in the fourth floor plant room.   These will be commissioned in the coming week before detailed testing of the pressurised system, which is scheduled to take two weeks.

A snowy day in Norwich

The snowy weather and low temperatures have really set us back this week with hold ups on the final brickwork (the cement can’t be used in low temperatures) and many of our contractors have been unable to get in from the countryside.

It does look pretty though

Focus shifts to Ground Floor Offices

In just one week we have nearly completed internal partitioning to the specification of our new ground floor tenant.

We’ve moved from this – a cavernous internal space comprising 3000 sq ft

To this…

Cubicle meeting rooms

Partitioning for storage

Internal partitioning

Long distance views

Loos and shower cubicles